Sandrine Pelissier, AFCA, NWWS, SDWS

Watercolors, Acrylics and Mixed-media paintings on Yupo paper

Watercolors on Yupo paper : Painting demonstration

If you are interested in traditional Watercolor on watercolor paper demonstrations,with a layering technique, you can go on my website for watercolor painting. I also post demonstrations on my painting blog .

watercolor painting on yupo paper demonstration

On yupo paper I usually paint in a direct way, because layering is more difficult, still possible but kind of tricky. Here are a few pictures of the painting in progress. Apart from direct painting,I did some lifting with tissue paper and basically kept on working until I was satisfied with the result.

drawing with graphite on yupo paper demonstration painting the face with watercolors on yupo paper demonstration painting the hair with watercolor
This is my drawing on yupo paper, the graphite lines will still show after the painting is done but I like that effect.You can try to make lighter marks if you don't like them to show. I am starting with the face, mixing colors on the paper as I go. I left the eyes and lips area blank because I am waiting for the colors on the skin to dry before painting those areas so the colors don't mingle.
eyes hat and neck background
Same thing for the eyebrows, I paint them after the paint has dried on the skin. It's easy on Yupo to lift some white just with a dry brush when the paint is wet or a wet tissue paper when the paint is dried. Here I am starting to paint the background.
tee shirt sleeves sleeves
Here I am painting some very light shading on the tee shirt. I paint the sleeves, starting with midtones and dark and will lift some whites later, when the paint has dried. I am trying to get the right shade on the neck and am trying different colors.
hat hat and background adding the dark colors
I am adjusting colors on the hat and different areas of the painting. The finished painting, I added some darks for more contrast.
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